• Initial general information assessment
  • Initial 7-day dietary assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Initial macro calculations
  • Weekly email check in – Analysis & feedback
  • Monthly email check in – Analysis & feedback
  • Adjustments to macro calculations as required
  • Advice & tips
  • Support via email between 8am and 4:30pm weekdays
  • Access to & support via the balancedB Secret Facebook Group
  • Find “your fit” support & mentorship
  • Access to various generic training plans

My aim is to help ladies that want to use flexible nutrition to help them live a normal, healthy, balanced lifestyle but have been too scared to even try because the science behind it can seem very overwhelming! 

So, I keep the “science” jargon to a bare minimum and explain the basics in layman’s terms, and as many times as is required to ensure they understand how it works!  

There will be picture and video tutorials if/when needed to help guide them through this process.  

I want my clients to succeed, so I will do whatever I can to help make that a reality for them.


If you are one of these ladies that want to live a balanced lifestyle without

restriction, then drop me an email and let’s get you into

the balancedB HIVE! 😊

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